GUARANTEE -  Wings installed correctly are guaranteed to deliver a Fuel Savings of at least 10% within 90 days. This does not include Tails or Under Trailer Wings.  Any installed Wing must be returned within 90 days from date of purchase for valid claim.  LIMITED PRODUCT WARRANTY Taylor Wings, Inc. Wind Deflection products are covered by a lifetime warranty on all component parts, and against defects in material and workmanship.  Mounting Products are covered by a one-year warranty, Tool Box Products are covered by a Five-Year warranty EXCLUDING TW Tool Box Products, which are covered by a one year warranty on all component parts, and against defects in material and workmanship. Fuel Tanks & Combo Products are covered by a limited 1 year warranty.  All Powder Coated parts have a limited 1 year warranty.  Our warranty is effective from the date of purchase to original purchaser.  “Original Purchaser” shall mean the person who purchases a new product for his own use or the person who first purchases a vehicle in which a Taylor Wings Product has been installed as original equipment.  Taylor Wings, Inc. reserves the right to examine the claimed defect upon return of product to our facility with all shipping charges being prepaid.  If the claim is determined valid, repair or replacement will be made at manufacturer’s option.  Taylor Wings, Inc. will not authorize, pay for or reimburse repairs done by customer or for customer by any person or company other than Taylor Wings, Inc. This Warranty will not apply when product failure is caused by conditions beyond the control of Taylor Wings, Inc. such as: (1) Damage from misuse or negligence, (2) Damage caused by improper installation, (3) Damage caused in shipment or improper handling. (4) Product ordered incorrectly (5) Product Installed incorrectly.  This warranty shall be void if the product or mounting hardware is altered in any way.  Taylor Wings, Inc. is not liable for the following consequential damages: Loss of use of Warranted Product, loss of time, inconvenience, transportation expenses, expenses for travel, lodging, fuel, lost revenue and loss or damage to personal property, personal injury or death.  Taylor Wings does not certify any of its products as Safety Products and is not liable for customer’s misuse of product for safety purposes.
All Fuel Tanks are strictly for use with DIESEL FUELS and DO NOT meet any requirements for FLAMMABLE FUELS (Gasoline is a Flammable Fuel) Taylor Wings, Inc. assumes NO responsibility for the misuse of our Fuel Tank Products.  All other products purchased that are not manufactured by Taylor Wings are covered by the original manufactures warranty.  Taylor Wings assumes NO liability for these products.  Handling and mounting must be done in  compliance with Manufactures Instructions.
SHIPPING & RETURN POLICY - Online Orders are Freight Prepaid IN THE CONTINENTAL USA – the responsibility for damage in transit is the Carrier’s, whether it be visible damage or concealed damage.  All Shipments must be inspected at delivery or pick-up.  Insist that damages be indicated on all copies of the Freight Bill of Lading. Please note that while the crate may appear to be intact, there may be concealed damage within, product dropped by carrier can be damaged inside the crate.   Also note ALL DAMAGES on Freight Bill.  If product is damaged, either refuse delivery or call Taylor Wings, Inc. for instruction.  All damage or shortage must be reported to us within one working day of delivery.   Carrier must be called requesting that inspection be made.   Product must be inspected by Freight Company before being returned to Taylor Wings, Inc.  Taylor Wings, Inc. policy is to reship new product upon our receipt of Damage Report and or damaged product.  Taylor Wings must be the Company filing the Freight Damage Claim, if customer files claim without notification and permission from Taylor Wings, they assume all responsibility for the consequences.   Taylor Wings has no control over claims filed by customer and is not allowed to any information regarding claim by Freight Companies.  Damaged product must be picked up for return to us prior to re-shipment.  Do not return merchandise without our authorization.  We will not accept return merchandise from the carrier unless our authorization has been issued.  No authorization for returned merchandise will be granted after 30 days.
• Buyer is responsible, upon receipt, for noting any physical damage on the Bill Of Lading.  By Signing the Bill Of Lading without notation, you are accepting the shipment in good condition, this can invalidate any claims.
• Buyer is responsible for examining goods upon receipt for concealed damage.  Subsequent discovery of concealed damage may reduce the liability of the Carrier (Freight Company) Carrier MUST allow you to inspect.  If they do not allow inspection, note this on the Bill Of Lading.
• Buyer is responsible for retaining the original shipping carton.  Failure to do so may void the Freight Claim.
• Buyer is responsible for holding the damaged product at the delivery site until an authorized freight claim representative has inspected it.  Moving the damaged product to a different site may void the freight claim.
• Buyer is liable to Taylor Wings, Inc. for the full amount of invoice & all Shipping Fee’s.  In the event the freight claim payment is not sufficient to pay the invoice in full, the buyer is responsible for the remaining balance and all shipping Fee’s .

We have taken every precaution to insure safe arrival, but our responsibility ceases when shipment is turned over to the carrier.   Taylor Wings, Inc. reserves the right of refusal of any claim.  All claims are subject to Taylor Wings, Inc. inspection of damage.  Taylor Wings DOES NOT guarantee delivery dates. RETURN POLICY:  Orders cancelled after shipping are subject to a 20% restocking fee and ALL freight charges are customer’s responsibility and will be collected. Returns are subject to Company Approval. Freight,  & other fees may apply.  CUSTOM/SPECIALTY ORDERS require a non-refundable deposit.   Custom/Specialty can mean any product manufactured to specific instructions, non-stock items, special material instructions/options, etc. Custom/Specialty Orders require customer’s signature on drawings and specifications.  Product will be built to the drawing specifications, all measurements are OD dimensions unless specified otherwise.  Design and Programming Fee’s may apply and are customer’s responsibility.  Customer’s signature indicates approval of all final specifications.  Product will be manufactured to customer’s specifications and is non-returnable.  NO refunds will be issued for Custom Orders.   All measurements will be considered OUTSIDE dimensions unless otherwise noted.  Taylor Wings Logo’s are applied to every product we Manufacturer.

Payment terms are Net 30 Days from Invoice date.  Wholesale Pricing may be based on Quick Pay Terms, Dealer Pricing is based upon 30 day Terms.  Pricing will be subject to Increases when payments are not made on time.  Taylor Wings reserves the right to increase Pricing without notice.  Interest will be charged as per the customer signed Credit Application.  Accounts with Invoices Over 45 Days will be subject to Credit Hold and possible loss of credit privileges, commercial collection, and/or legal action.  Customer authorizes unpaid past due balances paid with Credit Cards on file if needed.
Sales and Use Taxes will be charged on all invoices within the State of California unless a valid Resale Card is provided to Taylor Wings, Inc.
By acceptance of the ordered product, the customer authorizes the Credit Card Charges for Invoices and any applicable Freight Charges or Accessorial Charges, whether by phone order or card present.   CUSTOMER SERVICE: Call 1-800-634-7757

We are getting ready to launch a brand new website this Spring. As such, we are in the process of streamlining our entire product line and finish options including simplified pricing to make the buying process as straightforward and seamless as possible. In the meantime, rather than make the significant changes that would be required to the existing website, we simply ask that for many products, you call for pricing. We know you’ll be happy you did. We’d love to hear from you today!